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The Rescue >> Adam Cappa

This is a song that took off around one year back. And speaking of our previous post, and our need to cling to our Savior, Jesus; We hear yet another name of Jesus echoed through this song: The Rescue. Jesus is our Rescue. In our lives on Earth, we go through many trials that often leave us flailing for breath. We get so deep down into our problems that before we realize it, we’re drowning, flailing to get back up for some oxygen. We clutch onto anything that is closest to us. However, we only realize that the deeper we go, our friends leave us, our family leaves us, our money, education: everything we trusted in leaves us. We’re soon left with nothing to cling to.

THAT is when we realize that even though the world has left us to drown in our own problems, Jesus never did. He’s been with us in our good times and He continues to be with us in our worse times. He’s promised us that He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5) and that He is with us always, even till the end of the world (Matthew 28:20).

Adam Cappa relates to us that the story that inspired the song was Matthew 14 : 22-33. The story of Peter attempting to walk on water to reach the Savior. The moment Peter took his eyes off Jesus and started looking at the boisterous wind, that’s when he began to fall. Although we may say that this is the moment when Peter lost his faith, it actually is the moment when Peter showed his GREATEST faith. We are all humans, born into the sin of mankind. We are prone to falling. However, when Peter fell, he didn’t turn to the world. He could have called out to his friends on the boat and asked them to help him. But, no. He reached out to Jesus. He cried out to Jesus for help. He said “Lord, save me! You alone are my Rescue!” And Jesus immediately caught him from falling and rescued him.

This is the kind of faith that we all ought to have. We need to fix our eyes on Jesus, and when trials and temptations come, we need to overcome them and cling to Jesus asking for His helping counting on His name: “The Rescue”. We should never allow ourselves to get disillusioned into thinking that the world has a better answer and a better way out. God always has the better way out. He’s the one we need. He’s always going to be with us, even when the world leaves us. He’s our Rescue.

We all know that Adam Cappa was mentored by award-winning Christian Music artist Jeremy Camp. And what a mentor to have! Amazing!  He was the newest member to join the BEC Recordings family. And he definitely captured the attention of a lot of Christian Music fans around the world. But he’s really committed. It’s real easy for a young artist like him to get carried away with the fan base and the sales and all. But Adam Cappa is different. Just like his mentor, Jeremy Camp, his aim to reach out to people with the Gospel. To show them the true way. And that is an amazing goal to have.

The idea for the music video is brilliant. It hits home. And the music is terrific. The need and longing for ‘The Rescue” comes through perfectly in the chorus. It’s very clear that a lot of work has gone into the making of the video, and the result is definitely worth it. This song has doubtless helped a lot of people struggling to fix their eyes on Jesus – The Rescue. The entire idea is terrific. Thumbs-up to Adam Cappa. Do support him through your prayers.

“You may never know that Jesus is all you need, until Jesus is all you have.” — Corrie Ten Boom

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