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A Treat to all you Christian Music fans out there!

It’s T-Bone in the house y’all! 😀 I know this one’s a little old, but in Christian Music, nothing ever gets old, am I right? 🙂 This here’s a treat to all fans out there, yo! We got T-Bone rapping up some great names in the Christian Music industry. How many of them can you recognize?

I woke up in the morning, hungry threw some grits on the skillet, ate John Reuben‘s sandwich with Rod’s parsley and cream spinach, got audio adrenaline up in my veins eating Billy Graham crackers while Rebecca‘s reading St. James, I can only imagine His love and mercy on me, when he died on the cross, rose and threw my sins in the sea; Open my bible, turn to Genesis started reading, told Yolanda how Adams sin got him kicked out of eden, then went up to Jeremy‘s camp on the third day of the week and met this superchick that I had been dying to meet, she wore a Whitecross and spoke with a dc talk accent lived in building 429 right next to Jaci Velasquez, she was from the oc with supertone body, she said she stayed in shape ‘cuz it was her temple and God’s property, the phone rang, and I had been waiting on Caedmon’s call I asked Hezekiah to walker to the hillsong mall.


Whether you like hip-hop, punk rock or classic,
Turn this up in ya car stereo and blast it.
We don’t quit, we don’t stop, can’t stop singing till we reach the top;
So throw ya hands in the air let your head start bopping,
I’m about to do some name droppin.

I flew Kirk to Franklin for a big tent revival, then gave Creflo a dollar just to let me borrow his Bible, Greg Volz talked on the 2nd chapter of Acts, then I looked up and seen this kid toby the mac, he was a, street kid with no code of ethics so I took him to Fred‘s Hammond eggs spot for breakfast, he ordered t-bone and steak and yo my stomach was growling I was starving but went ahead and got the Shirley Caesar salad, that’s when Ray boltz straight through the door, trying to sell me some jars of clay he got from el salvador, I couldn’t afford it if you know what I mean, so I picked up the phone called the Reverend Al for some green, he gave Amy‘s grant money, she had for a home and told me pray 4 Him cause they owed some money to 12 stones, I called Steven Curtis and I asked him to pray, like I do every sunday (Everyday Sunday) with Rachael Lampa and Relient K.


Smitty (Michael W. Smith) asked me to Take 6 of his friends to Steve‘s taylor, to get a earthsuit, plus one for Bill Gaither, I jumped in the carman heading for east west and switchfoots on the gas so my tires would kutless, that’s when I see Geoff Moore in the distance but these kids in the way kept blocking my vision, jumped on the grammatrain, then straight out of the grey I see Bryan Duncan, his donuts at the petra cafe, I couldn’t afford it, start feeling delirious, but had to spread the good newsboys to those curious, there were 10 of them some, really arrogant, I told Twila Paris and Nichole just (ig)nord ’em and, they can’t touch this (MC Hammer) gospel sound, so bow down to the king and start casting crowns, he’s the, king of kings and lord of lords play this on your I p.o.d. to learn more, about all of His love when he took your place on the cross that’s the very first point of grace, and I really can’t wait until I see his face with Keith Green and Rich Mullins at the pearly gates.

It’s pretty amazing how T-Bone’s put together all these Christian music artists and ministers who glorify God and encourage a lot of people. There’s a lot more that have come up these days, and they should continue to grow and rise and take the Gospel to the very next level. They need our support and our prayers. They need to grow.
This is an amazing approach that’s pretty mind-blowing. Have fun.  😉

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