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Should’ve Been Me >> Citizen Way

You may be familiar with the band “The Least of These” – The former name of “Citizen Way”. Well, they have completely outdone themselves in their 2012 song “ Should’ve Been Me”. This song drives home the truth, the reality that we often so easily forget – that it should’ve been us who had to hang on the cross and pay away our debt for our sin. Caught up in the webs of our work, family and social life, we often forget the story of Salvation. We forget that it was man who originally sinned and fell from Glory. It was man who had to pay for all the sins he committed. We forget that initial moment of truth that brought us into Salvation, when we first learnt the truth of Christ’s sacrifice, and we reached out to Him to be the Master and Savior of our lives.

In our busy, demanding lives, we often need a reminder about the reason we are standing here today, the reason we can live freely and talk to the Father without restraint. This song is a great reminder of that real truth; it’s an encouragement to all believers, never to forget the real truth behind our Salvation. Without Christ, we are nothing. Many times, we find ourselves puffed up in pride, taking credit for all our triumphs and successes. Yet, it’s only when we go back to that moment of truth, we realize that the reason for all of our gain and the source of every breath we take is Christ alone.

The music is catchy and highly energetic. The precision in the vocals is brilliant, going from soft to emphatic at the right moments, and striking a range of pitches that combine together to create a beautiful melody. The choice of words and rhyme scheme blends perfectly with the song. On the whole, it is a marvelous blend of rhymes, vocals, music, and a great message.

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