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Everything I Need >> Kutless

This video will leave you in tears. It has a simple but powerful message: Jesus is everything we ever need. This is a truth that stand the trials and tests of time. There are so many moments in our lives when we get depressed, and many more times when we reach the point of giving up. Life becomes too overwhelming and we are unable to move on. All our hope and strength fades away and we come to terms with our real weakness. It’s at this point that everything fades away and all that remains is an exhausted weary you and the Savior. Our Lord remains the only One strong enough to save us. He knows our weaknesses and He knows our limits. He knows exactly how much we can bear and when we’re about to give in. It’s at this point of our desperation that He steps in. He shows us that He is mighty and all-powerful, that there is no one who can stand against Him in Strength and power. He reveals His true Glory in our lives. He makes that small weakness a life-changing testimony in our lives.

However, the power and might aside, He shows us His extremely kind and compassionate side. When we’re completely broken down, at rock bottom and lack the strength to persevere, that’s when he gently walks up to us, stoops down and tenderly picks us up on His shoulders and continues to carry us across this seemingly unclimbable mountain of Life.

This desperation and the compassion of the Savior is ¬†beautifully captured in this song. Personally, this song has helped me through a period of depression in my life when everything seemed so bleak and hopeless; and it continues to help me out today too. We may often wonder why God gives us these situations and makes us undergo these trials that seem so unbearable and sometimes, even, undeserved…

It’s only because He’s Powerful and Mighty. He wants to draw us back to Him. He wants to show us that He is mighty to save and that there exists no one strong enough to save us and no one else will be willing to help us out of our situation as much as He does. He is the only hope we have. Examine yourself. Are you giving God the place He deserves in your life? Or has He taken a backseat? If you’re going through a trying situation and you feel like giving up, look up to Him. It’s probably God’s way of drawing you back to Him. It’s probably His way of saying, “It’s time you stopped depending on yourself and started relying on Me.” I think, Matthew West puts it across perfectly:

“Well, maybe, maybe, that’s the point,
To reach the point of giving up.
‘Cuz when I’m finally, finally at rock bottom,
That’s when I start looking up,
And reaching out…”

(Strong Enough >> Matthew West, 2010)

Kutless’ ‘Everything I Need’ is a very clear, direct song spoken from the depths of human desperation. We can’t always rely on our materialistic glories. Jesus is everything we need.

The video almost brings you to tears especially if you’re going through a really trying time or you can relate to the family in the video. Jon Micah Sumrall once again produces a simplistically brilliant performance. Winter chosen as the time of the year was a great option and the whole band gives out a stellar performance. The music and the lyrics just complement each other perfectly facilitating the message to hit home emphatically. On the whole, it is a literally breath-taking performance with a really strong message. You can hear the message behind the song in Jon Sumrall’s own words, here:

“You may never know that Jesus is all you need, until Jesus is all you have.” — Corrie Ten Boom

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