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Strong Enough >> Matthew West

This is a song that is reminiscent of our weakness, it reminds us of our helplessness and complete dependence on the Lord, our Savior. It’s quite self-explanatory; and, put in simple words: We are humans and life is tough. We can’t get through it on our own. We are weak and prone to giving up. We need to rely on our Savior who is strong enough to help us to get through life. And with Christ on our side, there is nothing we can’t get through. Simply put, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

When we go through trying situations, we often ask, “Why is God doing this to me?” or “Why is this happening to me?” And the answer is clear: we may have moved away from God, maybe we’ve given Him second place in our lives or forgotten Him completely. However, God wants us. He wants to show us that even if we go through trying times, and we’re desperate and ready to give up, He is still there. He is strong, powerful and mighty and holds the entire world in His hands. He wants to show us the mighty things He can do in our lives if only we give Him the chance to. We need to go back to our first love – that moment of truth when we first spoke to Jesus in our desperation, and He reached out to us. He’s still reaching out. He wants to show you that He is all that you need, and you do not have to be strong enough. HE is our strength.

The plot for the video is heart-rendingly beautiful. The music is terrific and Matthew West’s talent comes through once again with his lyrics. No surprise there. The lyrics are simple and couldn’t be clearer. The timing and precision is accurate and the lighting may have been a little overdone, but altogether, it’s a brilliant, touching performance.

The involvement of the entire family is ingenious. It reminds us that no matter who we are, we all need support, we’re all dependent. And as humans, we fall. The only support we can depend on, who will not let us down is Christ. He is a strong foundation and an immovable rock. When we are leaning on Him, we do not need to fear falling. In the end, we all need God. What can we do without him?

“You may never know that Jesus is all you need, until Jesus is all you have.” — Corrie Ten Boom

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