Christian Music Industry

Legends, Legends, Legends…!

Okay, let me see if I got this straight. We’re all familiar with the then legendary Band, DC Talk. And we were all disappointed when, in 2001, they broke up and went their separate ways, only to become solo legends. DC Talk was legendary at its time and still is today. Comprising of band members: Michael Tait, Kevin Max and Toby McKeehan, the band was popular for its hip-hop and pop through their albums: DC Talk, Nu Thang, Jesus Freak, Free at Last and Supernatural.

In 2001, they split, after releasing their last album together: Solo. That was deliberate, not ironic. Their ‘hiatus’ began in 2000, but they had a lot of reunions in between and got together several times, exciting fans. The most interesting aspect of the band was that it considered their listeners as equals rather than receptors. Their message reached a large audience this way, and fans related to them more.

Well, after going solo, Toby McKeehan becomes a great legend as TobyMac in the Christian Music industry. TobyMac’s music is mostly hip-hop and Pop and extremely catchy. It’s impossible not to groove to the beats that come boomin’ out the stereo system. At the same time, tobyMac’s music always contains a message to anyone listening and for anyone to relate to. Pretty unique and definitely amazing. Like he says it, he’s got a hand full of dreams and a heart full of God. Additionally TobyMac founded the legendary ‘Gotee records’ in 1994, that hosts artists like B. Reith, GRITS, Jeff Anderson, Family Force 5, Capital Kings, House of Heroes and many other legendary, brilliant artists.

Newsboys. That says it all, doesn’t it? Newsboys – yet another legendary band, started in the 1980s by Peter Furler. Well, the band has a lot of past band members, and now Peter Furler is one of them too. In 2009, Peter Furler left the band in order to take a break from the busy touring schedules and the work in the band and focus on family; leaving fans disappointed. However, he left in great terms with the members and chose Michael Tait to replace him. Well, DC Talk and The Newsboys had started out at roughly the same time and had toured together many times; so, they knew each other pretty well for this to work out. And it did. Michael Tait is currently the front man of the Newsboys and is doing an amazing job at it, with releases such as Born Again, Miracles and God’s Not Dead. The Newsboys have definitely been rocking the Christian Music industry with some brilliant work. And, we can’t forget the rest of the band – the same amazing guys who were with Peter Furler – Jody Davis, Duncan Phillips and Jeff Frankenstein, who make the band so much more legendary.

Peter Furler, on the other hand, has not let fans down, but has come up with his own solo album. This album features legendary hits such as Reach, Matter of Faith and I’m Alive. Fans find a lot of the pop influence from the newsboys’ past very evident in this album. The album has been widely rated positively and has definitely pleased audiences. A definite legend in the Christian Music industry…

Between leaving DC Talk and joining Newsboys, Michael Tait had been doing some amazing, legendary work as a solo artist as well.

That’s quite a lot of legends already. Legends who have definitely made their mark in the Christian Music industry and in many listeners’ hearts. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…

Audio Adrenaline. Wow, right? Yet another legendary band formed in the 1980s. The band has given us many legendary treats such as Bloom, Underdog and Worldwide. However, Audio Adrenaline disbanded in 2006 due to Mark Stuart’s vocal problems – very disappointing news to many fans. After a 6 year gap, The band reformed once again in 2012 with Kevin Max taking the role of the Lead vocalist along with the rest of the band – Will McGinniss, Dave Ghazarian, Jared Byers and Jason Walker. Between leaving DC Talk and joining Audio Adrenaline, Kevin Max has been doing a lot of writing as a poet and an author, as well as some singing and even some acting. It’s also amazing to note that Dave Ghazarian was a former member of Superchick and Jared Byers was a former member of Bleach and then Relient K, making Will McGinniss the only existing member of the former Audio Adrenaline.

Wow, God sure works in mysterious ways, right? It’s amazing how beautifully everything has worked out. Pretty legendary, huh?

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