Christian Music Industry

Getting Reckless…

Wondering what’s the talk of the town in CCM city? Well, there’s a lot going on in CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) City! And it’s all happening so fast, there’s hardly any time to breathe! What with the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular that’s still blowing minds away, and new artists stealing the show, and new albums being released, and amazing artists on tour throughout the country, and unexpectedly awesome performances stunning audiences… there’s definitely a lot going on!

A lot of great talent is being talked about – like Capital Kings, and Britt Nicole’s Gold and the ‘Citizens’ who have gone mainstream, and Hawk Nelson’s first new album released after lead vocalist Jason Dunn left the band, and Tenth Avenue North’s new music Video ‘Worn’. There’s a lot more that’s gaining a lot of popularity. This is just scratching the surface.

But here’s someone else who’s also being talked about – Jeremy Camp. Jeremy released his new Album ‘Reckless’ on the 12th of February, 2013. It was No.31 most sold album on the Billboard 200 chart during the first week of March.

This album has focused on encouraging believers to step into the fullness of what God has called them into. In Camp’s own words:

“My hope is that this album encourages people to step into the fullness of what God has called them to do, and take action. The album is meant to encourage all of us to go out, not just me. If we can all work together and be in the same place spiritually, that body of Christ working together can fuel a passion that is truly great. There is power in numbers!”

This is an excerpt from an interview by Worship Leader magazine, on the 13th of February.

The title track of the album ‘Reckless’ talks about being reckless for Jesus. Camp says, “You are saying, ‘I am recklessly surrendering myself. Whatever you have, Lord, whatever the circumstances or consequences may be, I’m going to serve you,” in an interview with The inspiration for the song comes partly from the Apostle Paul.  “Here’s a guy who was kind of crazy, kind of reckless,” Camp points out. “He got shipwrecked  He was in prison. He was beaten. He was stoned and left for dead, but then what happened? He got right back up and went to Lystra again. That’s crazy! How could he do that? How could a guy that just went through that not care and say, ‘Hey, I’m going to go anyway.’ It’s because he was being obedient.”

To say that Jeremy Camp is merely a great inspiration would be an understatement. Camp has constantly been devoted, humble servant of God who has touched the lives of many believers for years. He is passionate in his music and devoted to his ministry for God. And, God has definitely honored him. Camp continues to be an inspiration and a mentor to many believers, especially youth, and his music contains great inspiration and messages of encouragement and spirit-filled purpose. Through the years, and through his albums, Camp has been active and encouraged believers to stand up and spread the news. Through songs like ‘Speaking Louder than Before’ Jeremy Camp persuades believers to step up, stop being passive and stand up for our faith. His albums have definitely brought a revival among believers.

Jeremy Camp is also an extremely humble minister of God. His heart is fixed on the Lord and his love for the Lord is very clear. His passion is seen in all his songs and he longs to serve the Lord with everything he has. He sets a great model to all believers as he continues to follow God even in the toughest of times.

So, cheers to an amazing minister of God, and here’s hoping that there will be more to come. Do support Jeremy Camp through your prayers and make sure to check out his new book ‘I Still Believe’ as well, in which he talks about his extraordinary life story from his impoverished childhood, to his spiritual growth at Bible College, the loss of his first wife, Melissa, and his grief and the following journey that God led him in. In the book, you’ll learn some of the amazing stories behind his lyrics and there’s so much raw emotion that will inspire you and any believer, wherever you are. Check it out! 🙂

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