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Adopted children are in no way lesser than one’s own natural born children. The Lord, our Father Himself has adopted all of us to be His children, in the spiritual sense. And He’s given us the privilege and benefits that make us no lesser than His own son, Jesus Christ. He has loved us with His unconditional Love that overlooks our sins and misdeeds and loves us for who we are, flaws and all. Adoption is a beautiful picture of God’s love and redemption toward mankind.

By adopting children, we’re taking them away from orphanages and placing them in an environment where they are loved and belong. Adopted children have brought smiles to the faces of many couples all around the world and continue to do so.

Third Day’s ‘Children of God’ paints this beautiful picture of God who has delivered us from judgment and redeemed us. So, now we can say, “We are the children, We’ve been redeemed, we’ve been forgiven, We are the sons and the daughters of our God”. God has paid our ransom and adopted us, freeing us from judgment. The video speaks for itself:

Mark Schultz, the CCM artist, with the voice of an angel, is a beautiful example of Adoption. He tells the story a different way. As an adopted child, Schultz believes that giving to orphans in need, is part of his life’s purpose. Mark is constantly involved in adoption services and helping out orphans. He has been part of communities such as the Remember Me mission, Food For The Hungry,  Bethany Christian Services, World Vision, Compassion and a lot other services.

Mark Schultz’s portrayal of Adoption is beautiful. People often put up their children for adoption because they love their child so much and want them to be brought up in a loving and comfortable environment that they themselves can probably not afford to provide. For such parents who cannot afford to provide such an environment, Mark says that Adoption is the best choice that they ever made.

“When you gave me up, you gave everything to me…” – Mark Schultz

Adoption is usually a very emotional event, and giving up a child you love is never easy. It takes a lot of strength and courage to follow up such a decision. And it is a blessing to many other couples who are unable to produce children of their own.

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