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Of Daddies and Daughters…

Watching one’s children grow from babies and infants to teenagers and mature young men and women, is a very emotional thing. Your mind gets flooded with nostalgia as you remember that day at the hospital when you heard you baby’s first cry. You clearly remember the day your son took his first few steps, or that evening your daughter spoke her first words; and all those nights you kissed your baby goodnight.

And then she grew. It was time for her first day of school, and you remember taking her up to her room and she was terrified, yet you consoled her and told her you’d be back in a little time and she’d love school. And you remember that day your little boy asked for that ‘really shiny’ bike for his birthday, and his wide-eyed wonder when he finally got it. You remember him running into your arms and gleefully yelling “You’re the best!!”

And then they became teenagers and High school awaited them. You remember giving them all the advice they ever needed to know and the dos and don’ts of life as a teenager. You remember being the over-protective father or the overly cautious mother at that time, and now it just makes you smile…

Before you knew it, they were already in Senior High and you helped pick her dress for Prom night and told her how pretty she looked in it; or adjusted the bow tie on his tuxedo. The thought that they were soon going to leave you arose and yet you suppressed it reminding yourself of the couple of months still left to go.

And now when you think of it, it doesn’t seem so long ago. It feels just like yesterday, and yet they’ve grown – those little kids have grown and are ready to head out of the house for a life of their own. You find it really hard to let go of them, you’ve loved them all your life and protected them, and now they were going to face the world on their own. You always thought it was something hard to accept, and unfair. But that’s life and you’ve come to terms with it.

Well, the other day, she may have come home bursting to tell you about her engagement and all their plans. Or you probably encouraged him to work up the courage to pop the question. They’re on their own now…

Well, you are not alone… It’s a part of life, and it is something almost every parent faces. In the Christian music industry, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman and Shane & Shane are people you can relate to.

In his song ‘How to say Goodbye’, Michael W. Smith talks about how time had slipped away so soon and how hard it is to let go of a daughter. The song is a very emotional and moving portrayal of a father coming to terms with having to say goodbye to his beloved daughter, and the video speaks well for itself. Any further explanation would ruin the depth and affection the video describes.


The song ‘Cinderella’ took on a whole new meaning for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family when he lost his adopted daughter, Mariah Sue, to an accident on the driveway of their home. Chapman had always been closely affectionate to his daughters and wanted to spend more time with them instead of rushing things up in order to focus on his work. After the accidental death of his daughter, Steven swore he would never sing the song again, but God spoke to Him through his songs and confronted him and he felt that he needed to spread hope to others through the song.

The song goes through the various stages of a daughter’s life and her attachment with her father. It is a touching portrayal of this sacred bond between father and daughter – ‘something the prince never knew…’

The song was released in 2007, but if you are watching this for the first time, this will definitely bring tears to your eyes…


And finally, an amazing song by Shane & Shane: ‘The One You Need’. The song talks about a father who knows that his daughter looks up to him and wishes he could be everything to his daughter. He tells her that there may be times when he may let her down or fail, but more than him, Jesus is the one she needs. The video is the emotive, moving portrayal of that bond between father and daughter.

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