Christian Music Industry

He wants to hear it from You

Not many people have heard of Him, but Chris McClarney’s been around for a while now ministering to believers around the globe with his worship songs that are soulful and inspired, bringing listeners into the heart of worship with words that are truly inspired from the Heavens.

Talking about his start in this ministry, Chris says that he had been asking God to help him share the songs of Heaven. He desperately wanted to be a vessel in transmitting that sound directly from the Heavens. He felt God’s presence fill the room and he felt God tell him that in the songs of Heaven, what He really wanted to hear were the songs of Chris. And that did come as quite a surprise leading him to write the amazing song, “Your Love never fails”.

And that makes sense. God delights in our praise and worship and He comes down to dwell among His children when they worship Him. Most times, when we feel like we want to say things to God that He’ll want to hear, He’s actually telling us to tell Him what’s in our hearts. He wants us to show Him how we feel from our hearts truly – Just let the words, the music, the worship flow…

Check it out:

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