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Leaving the Scene – Bebo Norman

Yes folks, it’s true. After nearly twenty years of an amazing music ministry, Bebo Norman has announced that at the end of 2013, he plans to end his extremely inspiring, successful musical career. Although disappointing to us fans, this appears to be God’s will as he has prayed a lot over this decision.

As a lot of us know, Norman has often called himself an ‘accidental’ artist because he deserted his plans in medical school and immersed himself into music. Norman is said to be touring this summer and fall with fellow musicians, Andrew Peterson and Sara Groves.

Bebo Norman’s music has been an inspiration to many around the world and his ministry has reached out to many. He has left his mark in the Christian Music Industry and will be remembered as a legend and great minister. He will definitely be missed once he leaves the Christian music scene. Do keep Norman in your prayers and we definitely wish him the best in all his future endeavors.

Here’s one of his latest songs: ‘Sing of your Glory’ off his most recent album “Lights of Distant Cities” – definitely amazing!

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