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Some L.A. talent

Remember L.A. Symphony? That amazing hip-hop group from LA, with Pigeon John and Flynn Adam, UNO Mas, Cookbook, Joey the Jerk and bTwice. The band formed in 1997 and released many albums till 2009 when the band took a break, going solo. Also, 2005 proved to be a year of great trials for the band with UNO Mas contracting Guillain-Barre syndrome, Joey’s grandfather passing away and Cookbook’s dad affected by a stroke.

Post Hiatus: In 2012, the band got together to participate in the ‘Paid Dues Festival’, L.A.

After going solo, the members of the band have come up with some pretty cool stuff. Check it out.

Flynn Adam:

Flynn and Pigeon John had earlier formed a side project – Rootbeer, releasing tracks such as ‘So Good’, ‘Pink Limousine’ and ‘Under Control’.
As a part of Gotee Records, Flynn Adam released his video ‘Such a Time’ that became a smashing success. Check it out:



UNO Mas And Cookbook

In their song, ‘When You Rock and Roll’, CookBook, Uno Mas and Evidence talk about life as an artist and temptations and futility brought about by money. Here is some honest rapping, people. Check this out:



And Now:

Flynn Adam and Joey ‘the Jerk’ have come together this year to create an album called ‘Totally Totally’ that dropped on January. Check it out:


This is some real good L.A. talent! You may want to go and get your hands on their CD.

Have a great day! 

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