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The Glowing White Flag

“There was a faint white light emanating from a tall pole in the distance, yet it was all blurry… I rubbed my eyes and looked again, it seemed so far away, but there was no doubt about it. That was the only source of light in the whole area, you couldn’t miss it. I wondered if there would be anyone over there. I was all alone and scared, and that heavy load on my back felt as though it were getting heavier with every step. I tried to take it off my shoulders but my hands just were NOT able to reach it, however hard I tried. It seemed like an impossible task. I took another step forward and realized I had stooped so low that my face was very close to the ground. I looked at that faint light again, trying to wipe the sweat from my eyes. I was tired and weary and so I figured, “That light is my only chance now. I have to get to it no matter what. It’s my only hope.” Saying thus, I tried to hasten toward the light as much as I could. However, the next step I took, sent me stumbling to the ground, where I broke my fall with my hands. I had tripped over something but I couldn’t see what it was in the dark. I continued on my way tripping and stumbling and falling down, but I always got up again, with a lot of effort. Then, I started noticing that the more I began to head forward, the lighter the load began to feel. Soon, I was able to pick up my speed and make my way to the light, I tried to look behind and noticed that my load wasn’t getting any lighter but I was getting stronger. The light loomed nearer and nearer. “Just a couple more steps,” I told myself, and kept trudging forward.  I kept praying there would be someone there who could help me.

Finally, I reached the light. At least, I thought it was a light source. It was a large, glowing white flag – so bright, that it looked like a source of light. My eyes took a little time to get used to the brightness emanating from the white flag, but then, I saw Him. I wasn’t able to look at His face as the load on my back caused me to stoop low. He approached me, reached out and took the load off my shoulder and with a firm grasp.

I was free, at last! I looked up at His face and noticed the kindness and compassion in His eyes. It felt so good to hand over all my burdens onto Him. I just fell down on my face and thanked Him. I was filled with a peace that passed all understanding and I was calm. I felt like I was not alone anymore. I had someone here to help me out.”

Have you surrendered your life and your burdens to Christ yet? He is the only One who can help you out of anything you go through. Our Savior is strong and mighty and can carry all our loads and lift our burdens. If we surrender our everything – our lives, our hopes, our dreams, our decisions – to Him, He promises to be with us and help us and carry all our burdens for us. He is tender and compassionate and cares deeply for each one of our needs.

Although the Life we live is hard with trials and tests, yet God has asked us to humble ourselves and surrender everything into His hands. He tells us to lean on Him and promises comfort and hope in every area of our lives. However, if we surrender ourselves to Him, we need to do so wholeheartedly and not just surrender a part of our selves and stay in control of the other. We need to surrender to Him wholly, knowing that He has only the best stored up for us. We are sure to ruin things if we take control of parts of our lives, thinking that we know best.

Chris Tomlin’s ‘White Flag’ shows the power of surrendering to God and letting the King of Love bring Peace in the midst of strife and war. Here’s a clip that shows the power that descends when some pretty amazing worship leaders get together. We’re talking about some amazing worship leaders like Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, David Crowder and so many more coming together for some real worship (Passion 2012).

Click the link below to watch this amazing, powerful video:

Here is a very powerful song about surrendering. Flame and V-Rose come together to create some great music about the wonderful concept of surrendering to Christ. “Jesus, here’s my White Flag, I surrender right now.”


Here’s a beautiful portrayal of how man’s decisions often fail but we always have a backup plan in Christ who never lets us down.


‘This Beautiful Republic’ comes up with this wonderful portrayal of the power of Surrendering. Yes, indeed, Surrender can save your life.


And finally, the amazing voice of Tony LeBron who won the Gospel Dream Awards 2009. This song is wonderful, soulful, inspiring and amazing in every way. Tony LeBron is a man of great talent as he combines his voice with this beautiful message to give you a mind-blowing performance that will stir your very core. Here is an artist that I promise you will love:


Surrender yourselves to Christ and don’t hold back. Let Him work His miracle in you. Have a great day 🙂

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