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He’s Still Able

I’ve recently been through a trying situation that has nearly forced me to give up – A situation where I could trust no one and everyone I did had let me down. The problems that streamed in from every side were more than I could handle. However, that’s when God reminded me that He was still in control.

Even in the depths of despair, when you feel like nothing is going to be the same and there’s no way out of your problems, I would encourage you to keep holding on to the Lord who always makes a way – even when there seems to be no way. God is mighty and all-powerful. He is capable of doing everything – even the impossible. There’s nothing that is impossible for the Lord.

And the greatest thing is that He is always there for us. He promised never to leave us, that He would be with us, even till the end of the world. (Matthew 28: 20) So, no matter where we are, in highs or lows, in the peaks of Joy or in the depths of despair, God is an amazing friend. He’ll never let go of us. He loves us and He cares for us and He only has the best stored up for us.

When I thought that my situation couldn’t get any worse, God showed up and reminded me that He was still able, and no matter how strong the forces of darkness may get, my God is always stronger. We need to be constantly reminded that our God is ultimate. There is nothing above or beyond Him. He stands alone as God – so powerful – the creator of the entire Universe. I can assure you, when such a great God is on your side, fighting for you, you have absolutely no need to fear, whatsoever.

This was a song that came into my mind constantly providing me with great peace and comfort. And I wish to share it with anyone who may be going through a similar situation or if you are in need of the assurance that God is still in control of things – that even if He holds the weight of the world in His hands, yet He never lets us slip through. We can always be secure and assured in His comforting Hands that He only has the best in store for us. Whatever we may go through is temporary, but our assurance in our Lord is eternal.

Be cheerful in the spirit of our Lord. His assurance is everlasting.


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