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How much proof do you need?

Javen’s ‘I’m Alright’ is a beautiful, true portrayal of our lives as believers in Christ. In college, there are many atheists who constantly confront me, and they strive so hard to deny the existence of God. They constantly hold on to theories and they have set their heart hard against any sort of acceptance of the truth behind the real Lord.

I constantly fail to understand why they would complicate the entire idea and take up the burden of the world onto their shoulders when Jesus simply says to lay your entire burden down on Him and just accept Him as your Lord. The Lord just wants to walk with us all the way and help us out of all our troubles so that we may grow stronger in Him. Jesus gives a simpler, logical way out and yet some of us choose rather to question and doubt and take up the weight of the world on our shoulders.

From what I’ve observed, such people who are really smart and capable, lose their peace of mind due to all the questioning and doubting. Due to their constant denial of the existence of God, they strive to find the reason for their existence and constantly lose hope. They try to come up with some rational explanation for everything and strongly deny the supernatural. This also constantly leaves them in a state of depression and hopelessness especially when they think that there is no one who will support them or help them in their times of trouble. They may face a sense of isolation and desertion.  Also, their future may appear uncertain to them. They move along with a sense of uncertainty, with no guarantee for their future.

Jesus calls us to become as children, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven. We simply need to accept His wonderful gift of Salvation, live in Him and let Him work in us. If we live without questioning and accept His perfect Will, He has only the best in store for us and everything will become clear to us one day.

Indeed, everyone has a right to difference in opinion. However, it is much simpler to gain acceptance and live simply with no fears or uncertainty. We will always have the Lord to be on our side to guide us in every way and we have a sense of guarantee in Him for He has the best in store for us.

Our walk with Christ is not going to be an easy one, indeed. But when we are in Christ, we have the promise that He will be with us always, no matter what may come our way, we are promised that we will never be alone. When things get too tough and we fall apart, Jesus promises to carry us through. We can always trust in Him to be alright.

This is the promise that we can have in Christ:
“I sought the Lord,
and He heard my cry;
And pitied every, every groan.
As long as I live, and troubles rise,
I’m willing to trust Him,
So I’ll be Alright.”

There will be times when our faith will be shaken to the core, the world may come down on us, and we may feel like there is no way out of our situation. Yet, in these times, the Lord asks us to hold on firmly to Him, because He promises that He will never let us go – no matter how strong things may fall down on us.

I strongly encourage you to listen to Manafest’s ‘Never Let You Go’. This powerful song will give you great comfort and encouragement to hold onto the Lord, no matter what may come your way. If you need the assurance that you will not be left alone, no matter where you are, God promises that He will never let you go. This is a song that will stir your very core.

When you look all around you, it’s really impossible to deny the existence of God. It’s far too obvious. Anyone who denies the existence of a wonderful, loving God is denying a happy life with no uncertainty, doubt or worry. That indeed is a pitiful existence.

’33 Miles’ says it right: “There is a God; This is the proof: That all around the evidence is speaking the truth…”

“Believe it or not, There IS a God.”

The artist Austin Bridge, with his amazing voice, also echoes the same message. There is a God, how much proof do you need??

“Try and put your arms around a hundred year old tree,
Or climb up on a horse, and let it run full speed,
Or take a look down at the world from thirty thousand feet on your next flight.
Go watch a flock of birds, against the morning sun, Close your eyes and listen to the river run,
Or catch a firefly in your hand or a raindrop on your tongue, That’s right:

>> There is a God, how much proof do you need?

Plant a seed and see what comes out of the ground, Or find the heartbeat on your baby’s ultrasound;
Put a few years here, and don’t it sound like a song?
And stop and think about what you don’t understand:
Things like life and love, and how the world began.
And the doctors say they can’t explain this, but the cancer’s gone.

>> There is a God, how much proof do you need?

Science says it’s only circumstance, Like this whole world’s just an accident,
But if you want to shoot that theory down, then look around, just look around…

>> There is a God, how much proof do you need?”

5 thoughts on “How much proof do you need?

  1. You must not really know that many atheists. Many of us live very happy and fulfilled lives. As for the evidence and how much do we need, more than “just look around.” When I look around, I see an amazing world, and many things that can be explained without invoking a god. Some things we can’t yet explain, but that doesn’t mean God is the explanation. This also does not mean I don’t experience awe and amazement, in fact I experience it just about every day in some way. At many of the things in that song even. My worldview as an atheist is very positive, full of wonder and love. All of which I get without belief in the supernatural. You do not get to tell me how unhappy and miserable I am, because I am not.

    1. Thank you for your reply. I guess I should have been a little more specific on that… Atheists are not miserable or unhappy. They do live satisfied lives. Some more than ever. Maybe just a little confused? At least, the ones I have met are. I was just trying to say that why can’t people accept that Science and God can exist together?
      When Deism was propagated in the early United States, Scientists like Isaac Newton confounded the existing Church when he gave evidence to Boyle’s theories. Isaac Newton clearly said that it was impossible not to see God in all of Creation and the Universe. Newton, Galileo and many other scientists gave proof to all that the Church had denied and yet strongly backed the existence of God. It made people think more smart and that era was the ‘Age of Enlightenment’.
      I may not know much about Atheism, but, compared to some of the things I’ve seen, I believe it is much easier to rely on God and throw away all uncertainty. It’s just my personal opinion and I do not wish to thrust my opinion on anyone. You do have a right to disagree. Like Voltaire would say: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to death your right to say it.”
      Additionally, I suppose you may have read of Antony Flew?

  2. I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “confused.” That often comes across with negative connotations. It is completely okay to be unsure about this sort of thing.

    “why can’t people accept that Science and God can exist together?”
    My response to this is that because often religion and science put forth mutually exclusive ideas and concepts about the ways in which the universe works.

    The funny thing about modern atheism is that it doesn’t really matter what some scientists like Newton, Galileo, etc… believe. What matters to many of us is the evidence.

    “I believe it is much easier to rely on God and throw away all uncertainty.”
    You make uncertainty sound like a bad thing. It is completely okay to not know the answer to something. However, for myself, I cannot bridge that gap from “I don’t know” to “Therefore God.” Not knowing is one of the biggest drives in science, it is what keeps pushing us to explore, question, and discover.

    As for Antony Flew, I am not convinced by his arguments, and his conversion means nothing to me.

    “Newton clearly said that it was impossible not to see God in all of Creation and the Universe”
    I am sorry, but I don’t see it. When I look about the universe, I don’t see anything that points to there being a God, let alone the God of Christianity. Everything I have seen and experienced can be attributed to and explained by non-supernatural causes. Again, for me, and many non-believers, it comes down to evidence, and why. Why do believe what you believe, why should I, and what evidence do you have to support such a belief?

    1. I believe you have clubbed God in the same mold as Religion. You are definitely not the first to do that. It’s common for people to believe that God and religion are one and the same. But they are NOT. Religion is man-made. It consists of traditions and rules and regulations that were created by man. This was not what God had in mind. Jesus himself was strongly against Religion every time he rebuked the Pharisees and the Sadducee. He called them Hypocrites because they would follow all their ‘religious’ duties vehemently, but on the inside, they were evil, filled with selfish motives. They would give to charity only to make themselves known in the Public eye. So when Jesus himself was against Religion, it’s absurd if we try to justify everything in the form of religion as well. All our festivals and traditional followings are also a part of Religion and are almost pagan in nature. This indeed sends out the wrong vibes to those who are not aware about the whole notion.
      However, what I’m talking about is NOT Religion. It’s something more, and it’s something real. It’s a Relationship. It’s a relationship that transcends all earthly levels. This relationship is fueled by Faith and Belief. We don’t know everything but that lack of knowledge never leads to uncertainty or confusion. it’s always hopeful and bliss. This relationship is a wonderful bond and it is difficult to explain it unless you experience it yourself. God shows us unconditional love and wants to help us in everything that we do. This helps us grow closer to Him and this proximity will help us in what we will experience for eternity. This may sound completely absurd to you but the Truth exists. Whatever any of us thinks is not going to change or influence the Truth in any way. The truth is just going to exist and one day, we will come to terms with it.
      God gives us Hope – something we need all the time. Unless one reaches rock-bottom and comes to the end of one’s rope, it’s difficult to understand the existence or the need for God. It is this experience that brings us face-to-face with the truth and with Reality, and unless we go through it, it is very hard to explain this to anyone who does not believe in the Supernatural. And by Supernatural, I don’t mean spirits and spiritualism and a realm of beings that are unearthly. I mean the simple everyday miracles that cannot be explained but definitely proves that God is looking out for us. Even the smallest scrape with death that you escape. Everything happens for a purpose.

  3. I have a hard time following your logic here. God is not necessary for one to be hopeful or even to experience bliss. For myself however, these sentiments generally do not come from lack of knowledge. That usually spawns curiosity and sometimes even excitement.

    As for your assertion that minor miracles are a sign of God, I don’t think we will ever see eye to eye on that one. Where you see miracles, I see statistical probability. I generally find such occurrences intriguing and sometimes I am even grateful that they work out the way they do, but I have yet to see any evidence that there is some supernatural force behind them.

    As for your last statement, “Everything happens for a purpose,” I truly find such sentiment abhorrent. By this logic, the child who is born with their heart outside their chest, for the multitudes that perished in Katrina or all the houses that were demolished in the recent tornadoes in Kansas, all those who starve, or are born with AIDS, that was all intentional. I cannot accept such a belief, and reject it outright. Not only for the lack of evidence of any supernatural phenomena guiding human life (which would then remove free will), but also because it is a foul belief.

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