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The Dead come to Life

The world premiere of Jonathan Thulin’s masterpiece: a short film/long-form music video for “Dead Come to Life” has released and it is an amazing must-watch. It’s extremely powerful and in the form of a symbolic story. Just a couple of posts ago, we talked about Jonathan Thulin’s ‘Bombs Away’, featuring Rachael Lampa.

Click here to read up on ‘Bombs Away’ and view the Music Video:

‘Dead Come to Life’ is yet another powerful music video by Jonathan Thulin featuring Charmaine, and Thulin’s talent in adding that dash of variety and creativity into Christian Music pops up again. This is a wonderful story symbolic of our King of Love who bridged the gap between mankind and Earth by sending His most prized possession to His people. The story compares the two attitudes of a widow who humbly receives this wonderful gift from the King and a rich man who scoffs at the King and walks away. The rich man was arrogant and full of greed and sought only to fulfill his own desires. The King had made a wonderful promise to everyone regardless of their social status or anything. It was a free gift to everyone who accepted it, and it promised Eternal Life.

On entering the King’s garden, they are given instructions not to wander far and to be at the gates before Sunset, or they would be locked in Eternal darkness. The widow humbly obeyed the King but the heart of the rich man was bitter and he began to wander through the garden, paying no heed to the King’s warning. He soon reaches the end of the garden and realizes that what the King said was true and the Sun was setting soon. He turns around rushing to find the gate, but it is too late…

The woman walks out of the garden, having gained the King’s inheritance and eternal life. The rich man tried his best to find the gate but it was too late and the gate had shut before his eyes. There was nothing the King could do to undo the choice the man had made. In the darkness, the rich man searched for the gate relentlessly, wondering how different things could have been, if only he had listened.

The short film is a beautiful portrayal of the God’s free, loving gift of Salvation and the ignorance of man. Truly, this video comes as a great eye-opener, to our calling. It talks about the eternal consequences that ensue our choice of following Jesus Christ. It is a beautiful depiction of God’s Grace and Redemption despite the pride of man’s heart.

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? – Matthew 16:26


‘Dead come to Life’ is off Thulin’s latest album The White Room as is ‘Bombs Away’ and is highly recommended. The Swedish-American talent of Jonathan Thulin that blends variety and creativity into Christian music makes his album stand out from the rest.


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