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Will the real Jesus please stand up??

“Jesus on the radio,
Jesus on a late night show,
Jesus in a dream, looking all serene.
Jesus on a steeple,
Jesus in the Gallup poll,
Jesus has his very own brand of rock and roll.”

There are so many assumptions that we have come up with, about Jesus; but, what about reality? What has happened to the real Jesus?

We hear different characteristics of Jesus being spread everywhere. Everyone appears to have conceived their own idea about Jesus but most times, we shed the wrong light on Jesus that repels others more than attracting them. How long are we going to fall for the lies the world puts forth? Everyone wants the truth. Everyone wants to know who the real Jesus is. Everyone wants to know the real Jesus who obeyed His Father’s command and came to Earth in the form of man, and died for mankind so that we can be redeemed once again with the Lord.

Today, we have conveniently altered the face of Christ to suit our attitudes, behaviors and lifestyles. We have compromised on a lot of things in order to justify our misdeeds. We have become complacent in our attitudes toward God, trying to justify all our sins and making excuses for all our laziness and our procrastination. Where are we going with this?

We need the Fire of Revival to burn bright once again in us. We need to shine light on the real Jesus and cease following the man-made excuse of a God. Downhere pitches the message in clearer light through their song ‘The Real Jesus’. They put forth all the assumptions that man has come up with about the real Jesus and how we are all looking for the real Jesus.


The song is truly amazing – moving. Marc Martel has a powerful voice that takes the song to a different level altogether. The music along with the vocals of Jason Germain makes the song so powerful and thought-provoking. The song is unique in its message and its musical elements. It’s a stirring blend of lyrics, musical elements, a powerful message and amazing vocals.

Sanctus Real portrays a beautiful image of Christ through ‘The Face of Love’. How true! The song shows how our hearts can Jesus better than our eyes. The song portrays it so much better. Here it is:

[This YouTube video has been uploaded by user ‘Brianna Copple’]

Just like ‘The Real Jesus’, Sanctus Real’s ‘The Face of Love’ is unique with a beautiful message. The message is simple and brings us to our child-like faith. It digs deep into our soul to the core of truth that God had has put in. The song speaks volumes in itself.

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