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Are you one of the many who is caught up in the busy, hectic work-filled environment of daily life? Do you often find yourself silently screaming for a break? Do you find your quiet times with God decreasing? There probably are times when you yearn for that proximity with God you enjoyed earlier. These lines probably sum it all up:
“The TV is talking, the Telephone’s ringing,
The lights are all on and the Radio’s screaming!
A million distractions are stealing my heart from You…”
– Matthew West, “Stop the World”

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Today, this is one of the most effective means used by Satan to pull believers far away from the Lord. This leaves a gaping void in the hearts of all believers as they long to get back to their First Love. Yet, time and again, they seem to fail, one way or other making them feel as though they have backslid or they have let God down.

Well, the most effective answer to ANY problem is just one simple word: ‘PRAY’. Now people often mistake prayer to be a traditional, stereotypical aspect of Religion, wherein one needs to enter a place of worship and follow certain set of words or rules. How ridiculous! Prayer is just an ordinary conversation that we have with the Lord. He longs to hear from us! The Lord is like a friend to us; He’s called us His friend! Our Lord is there for us all the time. He will never let us go, and is constantly watchful over us. We can talk to Him anytime, anywhere, and for anything. The best part is that the Lord already knows what we want to say even before we say it. That’s what the Bible says. He is omnipotent and omniscient, all-knowing. We do not have to fear Him, because He is like a friend to us. He eagerly waits for us to talk to Him.

So, no matter where you are, you just have to talk to Him. Even if you’re at work, just take a moment to shut your eyes and form a chain of thought and talk to God in your mind, or it just can be a whisper under your breath. Believe me, He is waiting to hear from you. In fact, you can have an all-day conversation with the Lord in your mind, no matter where you are.

However, it is equally important to have your quiet moments with the Lord in order to grow spiritually.
“Stop the World, I wanna get out,
I need an escape away from this crowd,
Just to hear you speak to me…”
– Matthew West, “Stop the World”

Organize your schedule so that you can spend time in prayer, intercession and meditation. It is imperative to prioritize one’s life in order to grow in the Lord. Give the Lord first place in your life and He will take care of everything else in your Life. He longs to help us, and bond with us and use us mightily. Nevertheless, He has given the choice of free-will and wants us to willingly prioritize Him first-place. We can overcome time constraints by sacrificing a little on other fields in Life; this way, we show that we really do love the Lord and  want to put Him first in our lives.

“I failed to find the time, but You’ve been calling out;
I let the days go by, as if I could live without,
But it’s got to be here and now; I won’t be pulled away,
‘Cause it’s just You and I; So let the world around us fade…”
– Sanctus Real, “Pray”

That’s exactly what happens when we pray. We put the Lord foremost in our lives and fall in complete surrender upon Him. And then, nothing else seems to matter. It’s just God and our self. Everything else fades into absolute nothingness.

“I’m gonna fix my eyes on all that You are,
Till every Doubt I feel deep in my Heart grows Strangely Dim;
Let all my worries fade and fall to the ground;
I’m gonna seek Your face and not look around till the place I’m in,
Grows strangely dim…”
– Francesca Battistelli, “Strangely Dim”

That decision is all up to you. That’s what really matters. How would you prioritize your life? Who do you want to put first in your life?
However, you can be assured that putting God first in your life will ensure everything else falls into their places.

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