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At the Center of It All

In the early years of our faith, we usually are boosted by our pure untainted ‘first Love’ to the Lord. But as we grow much more in faith, we tend to get complacent. It happens to most of us, most of the time. Besides, you are not alone if you say that you have always thought back to your first love and wished things could be the same as they were then. You probably say that you miss the closeness you had in your relationship with the Lord.

Then, you probably begin to voluntarily involve yourself in as many church ministries as you can – Helping out in Sunday School or providing technical aid support at your church; or you sponsor some popular minister or volunteer to join the Worship team at your church or probably involve yourself in one or other Church-related activity.

That’s all perfectly fine – but how many of us actually involve ourselves with the attitude that it is going to bring us closer in our relationship with the Lord? Or do we merely do these things in order to prove something to ourselves or put on a ‘holier-than-thou’ masquerade in front of others? Indeed, some of us do want to be seen as a better and much ‘holier’ person than the next. But in the process, are we not destroying our purpose of getting closer with the Lord?

Jesus calls us to different things. And the Lord always has His own timing. In due time, we will all be pushed towards our calling to fulfill our earthly obligations. However, we often aim for these higher things and bigger obligations that appear more glitzy and glamorous, thinking that we are doing this for the Lord. But are we faithful in the small things in our life – our smallest callings?

Jesus says, in Luke 16:10 (NIV), “Whoever can be trusted with a very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”

Let’s reflect… Do we read our Bibles daily? How much time do we spend in the presence of the Lord – giving thanks, praising and interceding for our brothers and sisters who have yet to find the Lord… If we are not faithful in these little things, how could we expect God to use us for bigger things?

We sing a lot of songs and most of the time we just say things that we don’t mean. We need to get down to the basics – until we are faithful in these little things, it is too far-fetched to expect God to use us in a much higher calling.

When we talk about being faithful in small things, this does not mean that we only read our Bibles regularly and pray regularly. It means that the Lord becomes so engrained into our being that it would be impossible to imagine existence without Him. It is the kind of childlike faith where God is always on our mind. God should be at the ‘Center of it all’. And the best part is this: Once we are honest and faithful in our calling and interest, God automatically becomes the center of it all. When God feels the passion within us to Love Him and serve Him more, He automatically becomes the center of everything we do. We will spontaneously put God into all our actions and the decisions we make. Chris August’s ‘Center of it’ portrays that interest where God becomes the center of everything we do.

[From ‘chrisaugustmusic’ on Youtube]

God is more than just a priority. He should be the very heartbeat of all the things that we do, think and say. God is the reason why we still move and breathe. He is at the very core of our existence. Don’t you think He deserves more than what we have given Him today?

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