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A Covering from the Storm

Just a couple of posts ago (Click here to view post), we saw the essence and benefit of Absolute Surrender. We saw how we need to adopt an attitude where we are ready to accept all the challenges that come our way so that we finally result in the masterpiece that God wants us to be. Sometimes, this may dampen the spirits of new believers, as they fear anticipating an outcome or the future. But, honestly, once we have committed absolutely everything into the Hands of God, we can be sure that He will take care of the outcome, and He will make sure that “all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8: 28 NKJV)

Even if we say,
Let the waters rise, if you want them to,
I will follow you, I will follow you.”

We can be assured that:
Though the waters rise
They will not pull me under
When the mountain slides
And crashes to the sea
I will lift my eyes and call out to You, Father
Be my covering”

God is always on our side. He will immediately come to our rescue and be our covering. You can count on Him. Bebo Norman’s ‘Be my Covering’ strikes the nail right on the head; with a moving combination of his modulated voice, soul-stirring message, and amazing music, this song can raise your spirits or move you to happy tears. It will increase your confidence in the power of our Lord, and best of all, it reinforces the message: “DON’T GIVE UP, OUR LORD IS COMING TO HELP YOU!!”
You are deeply, sincerely loved, with an unconditional love that passes all understanding. It’s true.

[This YouTube video has been uploaded by user ‘joelmnoah’]

“This was written as both a really personal song and as a sort of global prayer – it tells a story that I think people who live anywhere in this broken world can understand. We wrote this at my lake house down in Georgia – a peaceful and quiet place. There’s so much unrest today, so much turmoil, from natural disaster to war, so we’re praying in this song that the peace we felt in that setting by the river – the peace of Christ, really – can truly become something global. I think that’s one of our primary calls as believers – to hope for hope for this world.” – Bebo Norman    [Source: JesusFreakHideout]

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